Apply for self-lay mains or services

We ask first that you provide several documents and plans with your application including:

  • A detailed site layout drawing
  • Plans of the proposed drainage layout
  • A drawing showing the developer’s proposed locations for the supply pipes and boundary boxes
  • Site Assessment Report (on pipe choice/site contamination)
  • Title deeds

Check the application form for a comprehensive list of what we require.

Please note that application forms may change from time-to-time. Please re-download the form each time you need to use it and do not rely on saved copies.

In some cases we may already have produced a preliminary mains design for the site.  These designs are often produced based on the information contained on the site layout drawing alone, hence why they need to be revised to take all of the information available about the site into account at the application stage.  In addition they may have been produced some time ago using drawings that have subsequently been superseded.

An application fee will be payable if we have had no previous contact about this site from the developer or someone acting on their behalf.  If the proposals have changed significantly since we were last contacted about the site, or if a significant amount of time has elapsed, then a re-design fee may be payable.

A charge is also payable to cover the cost to Bristol Water of administering self-laid services. For 2017/18 this charge is now £28.70 for the first connection on the site, £20.86 for the first connection of a batch and £15.69 for the remaining connections.

From April 2018 all Developers working with Bristol Water may be contacted by our regulator, Ofwat, to ask for feedback on Bristol Water and the service we provide. If you do not want to be contacted please inform a member of our Development Service or New Supplies team and we will pass that on to Ofwat.