Traditionally water companies have installed all mains and connected up all service pipes. While developers can still choose to requisition mains and service connections from us, they can also now employ a Self Lay Provider (SLP) to lay and connect certain mains and services. Upon completion of the work, we will then normally “buy” the mains that have been installed by the SLP from the developer.

Benefits of self-lay

Developers can find self-lay beneficial because:

  • They may be able to employ a single contractor to install the water, gas and electricity infrastructure;
  • It may work out cheaper to self-lay than requisition;
  • and Self-Lay Providers (SLPs) may be able to offer more flexibility in relation to the timing of the required works.

Self-lay or requisition?

If you are trying to decide whether to self-lay or requisition mains, please submit a preliminary mains enquiry and we will provide cost information on both options and let you know which aspects of the required work can be self-laid and which aspects cannot.
Find an accredited SLP

Lloyd’s Register keeps a list of Water Industry Registration Scheme accredited SLPs. There are over 150 accredited contractors nationwide.

For more information, please read the Code of Practice for the Self-Laying of Mains and Services . You should also read our Self Lay Policy and Developers’ Charter and our company-specific guidance.

Find the various adoption agreements with options based on the financial arrangement between the signatories below.