Pre-development Enquiries

Pre-development enquiries allow you to obtain the information you need to:

  • Help you decide, prior to purchase, whether developing a parcel of land is feasible
  • Choose between the three methods of installing the required water infrastructure – requisitioning, self-lay and NAV.
  • However if your development is less than five properties it is unlikely that you will need a water main, so you can complete the services only Application Form in the Small Developments section of the website and not a pre-development enquiry form.
Basic supply strategy enquiry
If you can tell us:
  • the location of the site
  • how many dwellings are to be constructed on it
  • the estimated peak flow rate for any other proposed properties

then we will be able to give you an indication of the scope of the work required to supply your development. We will not produce a design for the required mains, or provide budget costs, but you will be told whether it’s the main that runs straight past your development or a main on the other side of town that will supply your development, for example.

Enquiries are free of charge unless significant investigation into the supply strategy is required.  We will contact you if we require a fee to be paid.

Preliminary mains design enquiry
If you can:
  • tell us the location of the site
  • provide a site layout drawing for the site
  • tell us how many dwellings are to be constructed
  • tell us the peak flow rate and annual water consumption for any other properties that are to be built

then we will be able to put together a provisional design for the mains that would be required to supply your development and provide budget costs for the required work. Information on the costs associated with both requisitioning the required pipework and self-laying it will be provided.

An application fee is payable for this service.

Response times

Responses to Basic Supply Strategy / Capacity Enquiries are sent out within 21 calendar days. Responses to Preliminary Mains Enquiries are sent out with a full design and budget estimate with 28 calendar days.

If you have completed a Preliminary Enquiry you should choose whether to requisition or self-lay the required infrastructure and complete application form for the chosen option. New Appointee applications are made by the selected NAV who will make an application on your behalf.

From April 2018 all Developers working with Bristol Water may be contacted by our regulator, Ofwat, to ask for feedback on Bristol Water and the service we provide. If you do not want to be contacted please inform a member of our Development Service or New Supplies team and we will pass that on to Ofwat.