Ready for your connection?

Before your pipe can be connected:

  • You will need to have paid for the connection
  • Your pipe must have passed a pre-connection inspection; to pass this inspection, it will need to meet our connection requirements.

Please give our New Supplies team a call to arrange the inspection.  One of our Network Site Agents will call and inspect the pipework.  You may be charged for a re-inspection if your pipework is not ready when we visit.

You can pay for the connection before or after the inspection takes place.  You can find details of how to pay in the letter we sent to you about the cost of the connection.

We aim to carry out most connections within 21 working days from the date you tell us you are ready for the connection or the date payment is received, whichever is the later, however this is subject to any necessary new mains having already been installed and brought into service. In a few, rare occasions – such as if the road in which the work will be carried out is deemed to be traffic sensitive or the work necessitates a temporary road closure – we may need to provide the Highway Authority with as much as 12 weeks’ notice of when we intend to make the connection. You should make provision for such possibilities in your plans.