Our preferred method for the control and metering of water supplies is a boundary box fitted, where possible, less than one metre inside of the boundary of the property it serves, in a position which gives our meter reader unimpeded access.  Hard surfaces such as paths are preferred to flower beds and lawns, as the boxes will become lost in the undergrowth in years to come.

Where this is not possible, the boundary box may be installed in the public footpath that fronts the property. The meter can only be located in a driveway, vehicular crossing or car parking area if that vehicular area is used solely by the occupants of the property which the boundary box serves.  Meter boxes cannot be installed in communal vehicular areas.

Developers may also opt to install wall-mounted boxes. These must be located at the front of the property in a position that would give our meter reader unimpeded access.

we do not routinely accept the installation of internal meters. We may permit their use in certain, more unusual, circumstances such as on supplies to blocks of high-rise flats with boosted/pumped systems.  In all cases we would have to agree that the use of boundary boxes or wall-mounted boxes was unfeasible. Any intention to install internal meters should be discussed and agreed with us prior to the design phase as we will have requirements as to the location of any internal meters.

If applying for mains, you will be asked to indicate where you intend to locate the meters for the properties on your development.  You will be expected to provide a plan indicating their locations, along with the location of the supply pipes.  It should look something like this: