On larger sites it is often beneficial to phase the installation of any required mains.  This does not mean that you have to apply for each phase separately – they can all be covered by a single application.  You might want to consider phasing the installation of the mains if:

  • Certain parts of the site will require water well in advance of other parts.  We will not  install mains and then leave them “dry”.  We aim to get them into service as soon as possible, normally within 2-3 weeks.   Once mains are made live we need to ensure that the water in them is turned-over on a regular basis so that water quality is maintained.  Mains are therefore not normally installed too far in advance of when water will be required.
  • It will not be possible to access all of the site for mainlaying at once because of scaffolding or other obstructions.
  • Line and level will not be available on certain parts of the site. The kerb brace should have been installed, prior to our visit, in any roads in which mains are to be installed.

You will be asked to indicate how you wish the mains to be phased when you apply.  At the very least, you will need to tell us how much main you want us to install in our first visit to site.  When deciding on the phasing you require please consider not only when each plot requires a water supply, but also when each road/footpath will be available for mainlaying.  The phasing you mark up on the plan you send to us should correspond to the phases you will be asked to list on the application form.

We understand that plans change so if you do need to alter the proposals, please contact us as early as you can so that we are able to revise and reprint the plans for our mainlaying gangs.

Any alterations should be agreed in writing before our mainlaying gang is due on site, so that delays can be avoided.  Our mainlaying gangs will not start installing mains if they will be unable to finish all of the mainlaying that they have been instructed to install either because there are obstructions, a lack of line and level or insufficient trenchwork available. We will charge for any abortive visits and waiting time.

When extra visits are required, additional charges will normally be payable as we will have to install additional temporary fittings between the sections of main and carry out additional disinfections, pressure tests and chlorinations.  Depending on the size of the main the additional costs can be up to around £2,000 per additional mains connection required.  We will also charge a re-design fee whenever plans or costings have to be revised.

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