Developer Service Standards

Water companies have delivered on their promise to compile and deliver a key set of developer services standards that can be used to compare performance across the industry. This will underpin their commitment to support and help accelerate the Government’s house building programme by providing greater transparency to help drive improvements in service levels and performance.

The new service standards measure water company performance in dealing with a broad range of activities which are essential for housing development against levels of service that customers, developers and self-lay organisations can expect in relation to the provision of water services infrastructure.

The full set of figures cover 15 water supply and 9 sewerage performance targets for a range of services including enquiries, quotations, connections, design, construction and adoption of developer laid assets across England and Wales.

Quarter Two Results 95.82 % Service performance within target and activity levels.

The performance figures are available for each company and will be updated quarterly on the Water UK website

Tim St John, Development Services Manager at Bristol Water, said: “It is good to see an improvement this quarter and are continually looking at ways of evolving and improving the service levels in this area. We recognise the importance of delivering a high quality service and having good relations with all developers and self-lay organisations in order to support the growth in the local economy.”

The Bristol Water Promise sets out the levels of service we aim to achieve. It is our commitment to serving you, our Developer and SLP customers.