Bristol Water appoints new customer champion

Peaches Golding OBE has been appointed as Independent Chair of Bristol Water’s Challenge Panel, tasked with ensuring customer’s views are at the heart of our business planning.

Mrs Golding is an award-winning, trusted and respected business and community leader who brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her new role.

Customer Challenge Groups (CCG) hold water companies to account on current performance and are used to influence business planning and provide on-going assurance to the industry regulator, Ofwat.

The independent Chair holds a unique position of trust between the people and businesses supplied by Bristol Water and has a remit to constructively challenge and influence the company on behalf of customers, reflecting their views and interests.

Mrs Golding has chaired many local groups including Ofcom’s Viewer Panel for ITV West, she was England’s first black High Sheriff and is widely regarded for her work representing diverse and disadvantaged communities; all highly beneficial experience to bring to the Challenge Panel, particularly in discussions regarding tariffs, affordability and service levels.

Mrs Golding said: “I am delighted to be able to take on the role of customer champion. As a Bristol Water customer I feel well placed to understand and represent the views of the people the business serves. This is a time of major change for the water industry and the Challenge Panel will play an important part in shaping the future of Bristol Water and ensure that customers are at the heart of decision making.”

Ben Newby, Customer Service Director, said: “More than a million customers rely on Bristol Water every day for an essential service. But behind that is so much more – a proud business with 170-years of history, a big employer, a major energy user, an infrastructure and asset manager, landowner, environmental custodian and good corporate citizen. Bristol Water wants to be the best we can be at all of the things we do. More successful engagement and challenge from our customers can only bring long term benefits to the business and its stakeholders.”

Mr Newby expressed his thanks to outgoing Chair Charles Howeson for his continuing support.