Strawberry Line Update


As part of the works to lay the £27 million Southern Resilience Scheme we will affect the Stratwberry Line Cycle Way in two places.


A diversion is currently in place whilst Wales and West Utilities complete work to renovate the Gas Main that is currently in the cycleway. Once this work is complete we will start work on laying our main.

Shute Shelve Tunnel to Winscombe

Work on this part of the cycle way will start on 26 June 2017. A diversion will be in place from the start of the works. Details of which can be found below. We are aware of the popularity of the cycleway during school holidays, therefore, we will be re-opening the usual route through the tunnel from the 21 July 2017. The diversion will then be back in place from October whilst we complete the works.

Whilst working in the area we will be making improvements to the drainage of the path, you may have noticed in poor weather water tends to puddle making it difficult to cycle on. We will also be improving the lighting and the safety of the netting within the tunnel.

Following both these areas of work we will be working with schools in the area to improve the Biodiversity of the cycleway, planting new trees and building bat boxes and bug hotels. This forms part of our ground breaking Biodiversity Index Score programme that commits us to attempting to improve the biodiversity at all sites we affect.

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