New Connections Charging Consultation

The New Connections Charging Consultation document is an opportunity for our existing and future customers to give Bristol Water feedback on the design of a revised charging framework for new connections to be implemented in April 2018.

Bristol Water held a Market Engagement Day in April 2017 for developers and providers of new connection services where one of the topics discussed was the proposed charging mechanism. Further work has been undertaken by Bristol Water and the water industry and in accordance with the charging rules published by the economic regulator of the water industry Ofwat, we are now consulting on our proposals.

We held a further Market Engagement Day on 1 November 2017 to discuss our proposals with Developers and Self Lay Providers.

Your comments and opinions are important to us, so that we can implement a new charging mechanism that is fair, transparent and easy to understand.

We considered various options for the new charging mechanism and have identified our preference later in this document.

One overall objective, in line with guidance, was to maintain the broad balance between what is currently funded by developers and other customers.