Bristol Water offers gender-neutral titles for its customers

Bristol Water is giving its transgender community a choice of three new gender-neutral titles, as part of improving customer experience.

Bristol Water has followed the example of HSBC and other banks by giving customers more titles to choose from. Customers will now be able to choose from a list that includes Mx, Ind and Misc as well as the traditional titles of Mr, Mrs and Ms.

The new titles are available to people who do not identify as a particular gender, or who do not want to be identified by gender.

Mx is a title used by non-binary people and those who do not wish their gender to be known; Misc is another gender-neutral title, and Ind is a newly created title, which stands for individual.

“We are one of the first water companies in the UK offering gender-neutral titles to our customers, and we believe that it will help them feel more confident as well as valued,” says Bristol Water’s Head of Customer Services Sue Clarke.

For more details on how to change your title, visit

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