Axbridge Progress

Construction of our new 30km water main that stretches from Barrow Gurney to Cheddar began in December. Good progress has been made with over 3km of pipe in the ground already.
Much of the pipe laying work on the A371 by Axbridge is complete and we hope to be moving onto the slip-road in the next few weeks. We will need to finish of some elements on the Cheddar Road junction so expect three ways lights there shortly. Lights will continue to be attended with many customers telling us this is working well.
Once the A371 slip-road is closed traffic lights will be in place on the A371/ A38 junction, this is in order to allow large vehicles to use the junction safely. These lights were suggested by members of the public during the public meetings held in Axbridge and Cheddar Again these lights will be attended to monitor traffic movement. These lights will be in place for approximately four months whilst we complete the work on the slip road and Cross Lane.
Road users may also have noticed the temporary road reinstatement of the surface on the A371. This will be replaced, along with the road markings, once testing on the new main has been completed, with a full specification reinstatement.
Wales and West Utilities will begin replacing their gas main in the coming weeks along the Strawberry Line Cycle Way. Once this work is complete we will begin laying of new main along the pathway. Bristol Water will be putting in a diversion for the cycleway during both the Wales and West work and our own.

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