The Water Challenge

From 23 April 2018 until 4 May 2018, our Rob will be taking the Water Challenge. On some of those days, we will really ain’t going to want to sit next to him!

The Challenge

Every day, Rob will open an envelope with a card inside. That card will tell him the name of a country and the amount of the water the average person in that country uses. He then has that amount of water for the day… for everything! So that’s cooking, washing and drinking.

On some days, it won’t be much water at all. In Mozambique, for example, they use only four litres of water a day per person. Considering the average shower takes 10 litres a minute and Rob cycles to work, we really don’t want to go near him that day!

On other days, he will have more water than he knows what to do with. In the USA, for example, they use over 400 litres each day per person. We guess Rob will be washing the car that day.

Why is he doing this?

Rob wants us to be more aware of just how much water we use, and how much we waste. The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day. Bristol Water is committed to bringing this down to around 135 litres a day. If you want to have your view on this commitment, go to

For every like, share or comment Rob gets on social media, Bristol Water will donate £2 to WaterAid. And if you do comment, you could win the equivalent of five years of your water bill.

The Rules

There are not many. Rob simply can’t use more water than he has been given for the day. So, if he doesn’t have enough to run his washing machine (62 litres if you’re interested) he is hand-washing clothes for the next day. If he doesn’t have enough for a shower, then… well… he smells.

Follow progress

You can follow Rob’s progress on the Bristol Water social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.