Water in the Future

“To meet our customers’ expectations by providing an outstanding water service in a sustainable and affordable way”

In December 2012 we published our plans for the next 25 years. In them we set out our long term strategy for the company and how we will continue to provide an outstanding water service in the future. We asked customers for their views on these plans during a feedback period that lasted until January 31st. We thank everyone who took the time to pass on their views. The comments received have not caused us to alter our plans which can be viewed in the two documents below.
We asked customers to tell us their priorities for the water service that they receive. You want us to fix leaks; be transparent about our plans, pricing and quality standards; keep bills static; encourage metering; provide water efficiency advice; maintain water quality and customer service; and investing now to ensure supply is maintained in the future.
Customer engagement is key to us developing the right 25 year strategy for Bristol Water and by using the customer priorities identified from the market research as well as other stakeholders’ views we have developed six key aims for the company

Each aim has specific long term outcomes which we will need to deliver in order to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations. As a minimum we will look to maintain our current performance for each of these but for some of them we will look to improve on what we currently deliver.

To achieve some of our outcomes will also require us to work with other organisations, businesses and even individual customers.

To deliver the strategy we will need to:

  • Invest in existing and new assets
  • Be innovative
  • Take holistic long term approaches

The Aims and Outcomes will form the basis of our future business planning. So getting these right now will ensure Bristol Water develops customer supported business plans in the future. We are already working with a panel of customer representatives to develop the next business plan for 2015-2020 but we also want your input.