Our plans for 2020 – 2025

In March 2018 we published our Draft Business Plan for consultation, setting out the levels of service we propose to deliver for customers between 2020 and 2025, and the associated bill impacts.

Our public consultation on our draft business plan is now closed. Thank you to everybody who responded. You can still view the draft plan here.

We are now reviewing the responses we received to our consultation as we produce the final version of our plan, which will be published on September 3rd.

Publication of PR14 reconciliation information: We have published the data and models that will be used to assess our performance against the PR14 price determination for the period 2015-20. This includes models on wholesale revenue, retail revenue and total expenditure, and feeder models that translate these and other performance incentives into the financial adjustments that will be applied at PR19. We have also published the PR19 business plan data tables related to our performance in this period. The PDF commentary document explains each of these models and tables in more detail.