Draft Assurance Plan 2018/19: The Draft Assurance Plan sets out our proposed approach to assurance of the information that we will publish during 2018/19. The purpose of our Draft Assurance Plan is to give customers and others with an interest in our business trust and confidence in our data and in how we use this data to report on our performance. It covers all the key information that Bristol Water reports and publishes throughout 2018/19. This includes information reported for regulatory purposes and that produced for the benefit of customers. We have published the Plan as a consultation document so that our customers and stakeholders have the opportunity to give us their feedback on our approach.

Mid-year Performance Report: This report provides an update on our progress against our performance commitments in the first half of 2017-18. It sets out for customers and stakeholders how well we are meeting our targets and what actions we are taking.  With industry data now finalised for last year, we show how our performance compares to other water companies. The report describes how we work with the Bristol Water Challenge Panel to make sure we are transparent about our performance, alongside an independent third party statement on the information we present. The report also includes a case study on the major burst we had at Willsbridge, summarising how well we responded for customers and the lessons learned.

Consultation on Statement of Risks, Strengths and Weaknesses 2017/18: This document consults with stakeholders and customers on the risks, strengths and weaknesses of the data we assess and report on, and how we aim to ensure trust and confidence in the information we provide.

Annual Report 2017: This report is the principal way we document our yearly performance and hold ourselves publicly to account. It was published in July 2017.

Annual Performance Report 2017: This is where we report on our performance. Further explanatory information for our performance can be found within this document. The data has been sent to the economic regulator of the water industry, Ofwat.

Risk and Compliance Statement 2017: This our compliance statement signed by the Bristol Water Board.

Annual Performance Report – Assurance Report 2017: This is the external assurance report from Atkins, which assessed our Annual Performance Report.

Final Assurance Plan 2017/18: This assurance plan is about the data we assess and report on, and how we aim to ensure trust and confidence in the information we provide.

Performance Report 2015-2020: We have set the outcomes that we want to deliver for our customers by 2020. These were identified following detailed engagement with our customers and stakeholders, and agreed with the industry regulator Ofwat. This document explains each of the performance commitments we have made to achieve those outcomes and how we will assess whether we have achieved them.

Interim Financial Report:  The report shows our financial performance to the end of September 2017.

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