The Water Bar & Refill Bristol

In 2018, we are going bigger than ever by visiting 13 events in the local area including festivals outside of Bristol such as Valley Fest, Backwell Festival and Forest Live.

In 2016, we created our pop-up Bristol Water Bar to give people free drinking water at events and festivals across our supply area.

The aim of the campaign is firstly to reduce plastic waste. If the world carries on with its current level of plastic usage, it is expected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. That simply cannot happen. We also aim to keep the population healthy and hydrated in the most economical way possible. Plastic bottles of water cost up to 1,000 times more than tap water: still most people drink bottled water when out and about.

In its first year, we took the bar to Bristol Pride, Redfest and the International Balloon Fiesta. It proved a huge success with over 4,000 litres of good old tap water drunk at the Balloon Fiesta alone. We estimate that we saved more than 10,000 plastic bottles going to landfill, a staggering number.

In November 2016, the Water Bar won the Environmental Innovation of Year Award at the Bristol Post Environment Awards, something we are very proud of. This year, it was awarded the Community Project of the Year and Outstanding Innovation Awards at the Water Industry Achievement Awards in Birmingham.

In 2017, we were on the road again, visiting five local events: Keynsham Music Festival, Upfest, Peaceful Portway and, for the second time, Bristol Pride and the International Balloon Fiesta.

Throughout the campaign, we have partnered with Refill Bristol. Refill Bristol was developed as a Bristol 2015 European Green Capital project by the City to Sea Community Interest Company, following on from the striking Bristol Whales sculptures in Millennium Square.

City to Sea and their partner organisations have signed up over 200 Bristol venues as Refill stations, from cafes and restaurants to opticians, dentists and doctors surgeries. This means that residents, workers and visitors to the city will be welcome to top up with tap water at all these participating venues.

To mark the beginning of this exciting partnership and to take part in the city’s free tap-water refill scheme, there is now an app with a map to find out where you can Refill at

Download it now and save it to your smartphone home screen for instant access on the go.