Water Fountains

In 2015, Bristol Water and At-Bristol, with the help of Bristol 2015’s Green Capital Partnership’s Water Group, were successful in delivering a landmark feature to the city centre – a new water fountain. Tap into Bristol in Millennium Square offers the public a plentiful and free supply of water in one of the city’s most popular open spaces.

The installation has proved popular with 12,736 litres drawn in the first four months. Assuming that each person who has a drink takes 200ml then that’s over 60,000 drinks.This represents multiple savings to the public and the planet in terms of money, energy and waste. Just imagine the mountain of water bottles that the fountain has potentially saved from litter bins and landfill – and potentially the marine environment.

Bristol Water and At-Bristol agreed that the drinking fountain was a great asset to the city and Millennium Square and have agreed to keep it going, with stunning new visuals in place for 2016 to reinforce the healthy hydration message.

Our customers and visitors to the city can now enjoy a drink of Bristol’s finest, for free, whenever they are in town. Just remember to bring a refillable bottle with you.

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