Join our Refill Revolution!

The return of the humble water fountain will make us richer, healthier, and greener. The UK’s first free-to-use public drinking fountain, in London in 1859, saved us from drinking sewage-infested water.

The dream began in 2015 when Ali Jennings, our former Head of Communications and passionate environmentalist, joined forces with City to Sea to help bring the Refill Bristol campaign to life. Ali saw the humble water fountain could be key to helping the public kick their bottle buying habits.

Sadly, Ali passed away earlier this year following a battle with cancer, but she left behind an ambitious programme and a passionate team dedicated to realising her dream.

Bristol already has drinking water fountains. The one in Millennium Square, installed in 2015, is currently saving around 8,000 plastic bottles a month from going to landfill. And almost 50,000 people, every year, choose water from the fountain rather than buying a sugary drink.

And we are not saying bottled water is expensive but…. On average it costs about £1.50 per litre. Compare that to £0.0015 for tap water and you start to see the difference. So if everyone who used the Millennium Square fountain last year had brought a bottle of water instead, that would be a staggering £72,000 spent on bottled water.

Imagine if we had more fountains, all over the place. Imagine it was the norm to carry a reusable bottle and refill! That sounds like a good place to live.

Sponsor a fountain

We’ve already been supported by Eunomia Consulting and We the Curious, and Destination Bristol have committed to install fountains in Broadmead. But now we need more sponsors to see our dream become a reality.

So what does your sponsorship get you?

A fountain installed in your chosen location

Graphics that advertise your business

An app telling you how much plastic you’ve saved

Maintenance forever more

That warm feeling inside that your business is helping reduce plastic waste

If you are interested please contact Rob Ellis on 0117 953 6470 or