Water Resources 2012 – 2017

Over the next 25 years, our area will face increasing pressures due to growth and climate change. These include:

  • Population to increase by 20%
  • Number of houses to increase by 30%
  • Growth in businesses in line with population to support employment
  • Summers will be drier reducing water availability
  • Winters will be wetter, increasing risks of flooding
  • Quality of surface waters threatened by increased pollution
  • More water required to maintain environmental systems

In our WRMP, we set out how we propose to manage these challenges while continuing to provide affordable, secure and safe water supplies.

In 2013, we consulted with key stakeholders and the wider public on our proposals set out in our draft Water Resources Management Plan.  The Secretary of State has reviewed our plan and our responses to the stakeholder representations we received in 2013.

The Secretary of State has informed us we may formally publish our plan, and directed that we include the additional material and changes set out in our Statement of Response in the revised plan.

The updated version of our WRMP is available below, including revisions to the main report as directed, together with additional appendices, a revised Habitats Risk Assessment and a Post Adoption Statement for the Strategic Environmental Assessment.

You may download all the documents you require in PDF format from this website. For ease of download, the documents have been separated into manageable sections as set out below.