Water Resources Plan 2019

Our public consultation on our draft Water Resource Management Plan is now closed.  We will now review all the responses we have received, and we will provide a formal Statement of Response to this consultation process with a final plan to be issued in November.  If in the mean time you are interested in the draft plan, you can still view the documents through the links below.

Bristol Water’s draft WRMP19, and related documents, can be found below:

Draft Water Resources Management Plan (full technical document) *

Draft WRMP Non-Technical Summary (a summary version of the plan, to enable customers and non-technical stakeholders to understand the most important aspects of the plan and to provide feedback)

Appendix A: Atkins Assurance Report

Appendix B: WRMP Consultee List

Appendix C: Research methodologies and outputs relevant to the WRMP

Appendix D: Customer Insight by Attribute

Appendix E: SEA Environmental Report *

Appendix F: HRA *

Appendix G: Problem Characterisation

Appendix H: Options Appraisal Options *

Appendix I: WFD Assessment *

Appendix J: Ecosystem Services Results *

We are also publishing some information requested by our regulators, designed for companies as opposed to customers, in order to promote markets in water resources:

Water Resources Market Information

Dry Year WRMP19 Planning Table

Bristol Water WRZ GIS data

Trading and Procurement Code

* Some details have been redacted (excluded) from these documents on security grounds, please find a statement regarding this below:

In order to maintain the security of the water we supply to our customers and in compliance with national security requirements as described in the Water Industry Act 1991 section  s.37(B), some minor details have been removed (or “redacted”) from the Water Resource Management Plan documents that we have issued for public consultation.  The information we have redacted is mainly about site names (these are shown in our public consultation documents as site codes rather than site names), and we have also redacted a diagram of our water supply network.  Full details of these sites and diagrams are provided in the unredacted documents we share with our regulators, so that they receive all the information necessary for a detailed technical assessment of our plan.