Bristol Water aims to provide an outstanding water service in an environmentally sustainable way and we recognise our legal responsibility to safeguard the environment.

We are committed to effective environmental management in order to:

  • Make efficient use of any resources used by our business.
  • Help our customers use water efficiently.
  • Ensure that any impact on the environment are sustainable and where possible creates a benefit to the environment

We will achieve this by:

  • Reducing our leakage target by active leakage control, investment in leakage detection and maintaining our network effectively.
  • Improving our overall pumping efficiency through continuous improvement and innovation in the way we monitor, operate and maintain our pumping plant, with replacement of inefficient equipment.
  • Helping customers use water efficiently, through education, water efficiency devices and audits.
  • Increasing household meter penetration through installation of meters on unmeasured properties whenever there is a change in occupier.
  • Reducing our carbon emissions by reducing leakage and improving the efficiency of our equipment.
  • Delivering raw water quality improvements of our lakes and sources through a catchment management approach.
  • Managing and monitoring our effect on the environment through an innovative “biodiversity index” approach, so where possible we create a benefit to the environment.
  • Meeting our targets for waste water disposal compliance by fulfilling all conditions of our environmental permits.