Drought Plan Update 2017

We have a statutory duty to review and update our Drought Plan every 5 years.  Water companies were directed by the Defra in July 2016 to submit a draft drought plan to the Secretary of State in accordance with this duty.  We have therefore reviewed and updated our drought plan, setting out how we will manage our public water supply duties in the event of a drought. As part of this update we have included changes required under the new Drought Plan guidelines, including how we would manage more severe drought events than we have experienced in the past.

We submitted our draft Drought Plan to Defra on 29th December 2016, and they have instructed us to undertake a public consultation on our draft Plan.

The draft Drought Plan has now been published for public consultation to provide customers and stakeholders the opportunity to consider the proposals we have set out in our draft Plan, and provide us with any feedback and comments.

Our public consultation will be open for a period of 8 weeks from 27th March until 21st May 2017.

Documents included in the consultation are as follows:

We have not excluded any information from the Drought Plan or the Drought Plan Appendix on grounds of national security. However, three maps have been excluded from both the HRA Screening Report and the SEA appendix on security grounds.

If a paper copy of any document is required then please contact Water.Resources@bristolwater.co.uk.

Thank you for your interest in our drought plan.  All of your feedback is important to us and will enable us to develop a better drought plan that meets the needs of our customers, the communities within which we work, and the environment.  We have provided a feedback questionnaire should you wish to use this to complete your response:

If you would like to submit any comments on our proposals please send them to the Secretary of State by 21st May 2017 either by post or by e-mail:

Secretary of State, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
Drought Plan Consultation
Water Resources
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Area 3D
Nobel House
17 Smith Square


We will take time to review all the comments received, and write a formal statement of response setting out how we have taken on board the comments received and used them to develop our final drought plan.  We will submit our Statement of Response and a revised draft Drought Plan and associated documents to the Secretary of State on 7th July 2017. We will also publish a Statement of Response on our website.

The final Drought Plan will then be published on our website once it has been approved by the Secretary of State.