Drought Plan 2012 – 2017

Our drought plan outlines our strategy for managing operations through prolonged dry periods that could result in shortages in water resources. Following a public consultation on our draft drought plan, we produced a Statement of Response describing how we would take into account all of the representations made. We updated the drought plan in line with our Statement of Response. The Secretary of State confirmed that the Drought Plan meets the statutory requirements and we were instructed to publish the final Drought Plan in October 2012.

National Security statement
In accordance with the requirements of Advice Note AN/11 ed3 ‘The Control of Sensitive Water Company Security Information’ as issued by DEFRA, Appendix 9 documents relating the location and detailed design of emergency water treatment works referred to in our 2011 Drought Contingency Plan have been redacted

The Drought Plan and associated appendices are available to download via the links below