Refill Bristol

Bristol Water has partnered with Refill Bristol for a summer of events and activities designed to get people hydrating when on the move, for free!

Refill Bristol was developed as a Bristol 2015 European Green Capital project by the City to Sea Community Interest Company, following on from the striking Bristol Whales sculptures in Millennium Square.

City to Sea and their partner organisations have signed up over 200 Bristol venues as Refill stations, from cafes and restaurants to opticians, dentists and doctors surgeries. This means that residents, workers and visitors to the city will be welcome to top up with tap water at all these participating venues.

To mark the beginning of this exciting partnership and to take part in the city’s free tap-water refill scheme, there is now an app with a map to find out where you can Refill at

Download it now and save it to your smartphone home screen for instant access on the go.

The focus is now on encouraging Bristolians to remember to carry a reusable bottle and use it to Refill rather than throwing away money on single-use plastic bottled drinks.

This summer Refill and Bristol Water will be at city-wide events delivering free water and fun activities focused on healthy hydration and the reduction of litter and single use plastic waste. Our water fountain At-Bristol’s Millennuim Square is back in action and is the city’s premier Refill station.

To help keep you inspired – and hydrated – you can sign up to the campaign and help us achieve our target of 10,000 people using Refill and making Bristol the UK’s most tap water-friendly city in the UK. Sign up here [link]

Every day our bodies require about 1.5 litres of water to stay healthy and this amounts to less than £1 a year in tap water costs. UK water quality standards are amongst the highest in the world, and Bristol Water hits these targets more than 99% of the time.

By signing up to Refill you will save money, boost your health and do your bit to fight plastic pollution here in Bristol.

Founder of City to Sea Natalie Fee said:

The Refill Bristol campaign has two main aims; to reduce the numbers of plastic bottles and bottle tops littering our streets and waterways and to help promote money-saving, healthy hydration.

Bristol Water CEO Luis Garcia said:

We are delighted to be able to support this fantastic tap water friendly initiative. Water is by far the most affordable and healthy drink choice and by making it available for free through the network of Refill stations, at our water fountain in Millennium Square and at events across the city this summer, we really hope people will get on board and to Refill when they can.

This is great example of positive business and community collaboration that will have long lasting impact on our city, our health and the downstream environment.

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