Get involved

Here are a few ways we are reaching out and communicating with our customers. There are plenty of ways to get involved and let us know what you think. We would love to hear what you have to say!

Our online panel

We want to hear what you think of our service. Our online customer panel ‘let us know’ gives you the opportunity to feedback to us by asking panel members to take part in a short survey, roughly every 3 months, about Bristol Water and things that matter to them as customers.

Click here to sign up 

Or email us at to find out more.

Win £200 per survey

The information will be used to help us provide you with a better service now and in the future. You will be entered into a free draw to win £200 when you sign up and for each survey you complete you have the chance to win a further £200 in a prize draw.

You may already be a member of Wessex Water’s ‘have your say’ online panel but you can be a member of both panels as we are both separate companies – Bristol Water supply you with your drinking water and Wessex Water deal with your waste water.

If you are interested in joining the panel  it will take about 10 minutes to complete the simple form and you can leave the panel at any time.

Congratulations to Ms Halliday – winner of our first prize draw

Congratulations to Mrs Gratton – winner of our second prize draw

Congratulations to Mr T Thurtle – winner of our third prize draw

Congratulations to Mr Bambridge – winner of our fourth prize draw

Congratulations to Mr Bailey – winner of our fifth prize draw

Congratulations to Mrs Morrison – winner of our sixth prize draw

Our Water Forum

The Bristol Water Forum is a group of customers we meet with regularly to discuss what customers want and to work together to develop our plans. The first meeting in September 2017 focused on what customers expect from Bristol Water and what challenges the feel we will face in the next 30 years. The second meeting, in January 2018 focused on Bristol Water as a small company and a discussion and activity around potential bill impacts. Members of the forum have the chance to comment and have discussions with members of our team regarding our recently published documents.

If you have any feedback on our recent publications, Tweet us @BristolWater

Our Youth Panel

In January 2018 we held our first Youth Panel meeting. The meeting consisted of around 20 students from the local area, we discussed water efficiency, current Bristol Water Challenges and issues around the environment. We will meet with the Panel again in March 2018 to discuss their solution to changing behaviours around water efficiency.

Text Service

We have been trialing a new way of letting you know when there could be an issue with your water supply. We have been texting, or leaving a voice message your telephone line through our automated message service. We hope that in an emergency situation we will be able to keep you better informed with regular updates.

Social Media

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow us for updates on events, incidents and opportunities to get involved.